Random Musings on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving

College and Pro Football are approaching the finish line and as I listen to all the talking heads out there I am wondering these things:

NFL hits the Quarter Pole, YouTube series-Mascots and Monikers!!

NFL hits the Quarter Pole, YouTube series-Mascots and Monikers!!

Ralph and Joseph Miranda discuss the New York Giants following their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football, analyze the AFC ahead of the big Chiefs vs Patriots Week 6 matchup, give their current playoff predictions division-by-division, and review the progress of this year’s Rookie QB class before being joined by Nathan Miranda to discuss his new YouTube channel Mascots and Monikers (29:26).

NFL Kickoff 2018!

NFL Kickoff 2018!

Ralph and Joseph Miranda analyze the opening week of NFL football (1:41) before previewing the Week 2 Thursday Night Game between the Ravens and Bengals (37:28).

Sports Articles by The Old Linebacker

Sports Articles by

The Old Linebacker

The Mid-Summer Classic, The World Chases a Cup

Ralph and Joseph Miranda break down the 2018 MLB All-Star Game (1:31) and the 2018 FIFA World Cup (9:23) before analyzing LeBron James’s decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers (16:24).

Homers, Shifting Sands and Trade Winds

In this all MLB edition, Ralph and Joseph Miranda discuss the 2018 Home Run Derby (2:30), beating the shift (15:05), and the trade deadline (26:00) before previewing the 2018 All-Star Game (36:46).

Ralph Miranda

Ralph Miranda

The Old Linebacker

Ralph Miranda has over 30 years of varied business experience.  He also played linebacker at Notre Dame in the 70’s and was a member of the 1977 National Championship Team.  He writes a piece entitled “Miranda Writes” at MrSEC.com analyzing the SEC game of the week.  He has two sons of whom he is extremely proud.  One is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and the other is a College Middle Linebacker.

NBA Finals Round 4, Baseball Heats Up towards a Championship

Ralph and Joseph Miranda discuss the NBA Finals (2:00), where LeBron will play next year (11:14), the NBA Draft Lottery (14:38), the current outlook of the MLB season (20:00), the MLB Draft (26:07), and the NHL playoffs (35:07) before finishing with their thoughts on the recent law affecting sports gambling (40:12).

A New Master of Ceremonies, A Chilly start to America’s Pastime

Ralph and Joseph Miranda discuss the 2018 Masters results (2:22), the upcoming PGA Tour schedule and Tiger’s chances (8:30), their first impressions two and a half weeks into the MLB season (14:00), the upcoming NFL Draft (23:21), the Dallas Cowboys decision to cut Dez Bryant (30:41), and the NBA Playoffs (34:32) before touching on how weather plays an important role early in the season for cold-weather baseball cities (39:00).

2018 MLB Preview

Ralph and Joseph Miranda preview the upcoming 2018 Major League Baseball season starting with American League (3:16) and National League (17:38) division breakdowns before discussing the two wild card spots in each league (31:45), new pace of play rules (35:37), and finishing with an all MLB edition of rapid fire (42:50).

Saturday Musings-March 17, 2018

The New York Jets traded draft spots with the Colts today.  The Jets moved up from #6 to #3 swapping places with the Colts. They also gave the Colts the #37 and #49 picks in this year’s draft plus a second rounder in 2019. The Jets obviously felt they needed to be up in the top 3 to get one of the potential franchise QB’s available this year since they lost out on the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes.

NFL Free Agent Frenzy

The new NFL league year starts today at 4:00PM but free agents have been negotiating with prospective suitors since Monday.  Free Agency is an exciting time for fans of NFL teams but can be “Fools Gold” for the teams. Why? Well the NFL landscape is littered with monumental free agent busts.  Albert Haynesworth signing for $100M with the Redskins many years ago is probably the biggest and most noteworthy bust.  So how does a team make this process work?

NCAA Scandal and NFL Free Agency

Ralph and Joseph Miranda discuss the recent NCAA basketball scandal (3:09), weigh in on the debate over whether or not college athletes should be paid (15:11), and end with some NFL free agency talk (31:41).

Olympic Gold, Augusta Beckons, and Baseball begins

Ralph and Joseph Miranda discuss the 2018 Winter Olympics held in PyeongChang, South Korea (3:02), the PGA Tour heating up heading into the Masters (13:58), and Major League Baseball (22:00), before being joined by sportswriter John Brice to discuss his position with Gridiron Now (32:26), the University of Tennessee head coaching hire (36:14), the 2017 College Football season (54:14), and the College Football playoff system (58:20).

MHS Head Football Coach Derek Hunt joins the Press Box Podcast

Former Maryville High School QB and current head football coach Derek Hunt joins Ralph and Joseph Miranda to discuss growing up playing sports (6:13), his high school career and relationship with coach George Quarles (16:57), transitioning to college (25:30), his mindset upon being hired as the new head coach and handling the pressure (33:11), the importance of youth football amidst growing head trauma concerns (46:49), and his top 5 North Carolina Tar Heels of all-time (1:00:20).

Super Bowl LII Recap-The Eagles have Landed!

Ralph and Joseph Miranda discuss the Philadelphia Eagles’ victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII to claim their first ever Super Bowl title (1:44) before taking a first glance at the 2018 NFL season (30:55) and giving their picks for the next team to win a Super Bowl that has never won one before (38:21).

Super Bowl LII

Well the big game is 48 hours away. I’m not going into a long, drawn out analysis. If you read my posts you know my philosophy and what I think has to happen to beat the Patriots. The game comes down to this:

Pro Baseball Player Stanton Cameron joins the Press Box Podcast

Former Powell High School standout and professional baseball player Stanton Cameron joins Ralph and Joseph Miranda to discuss growing up playing basketball and baseball (6:07), his decision to sign with the New York Mets out of high school (9:35), the adjustment from high school to professional baseball (18:47), his minor league career (24:10), the 1994 strike and overcoming adversity (33:36), his decision to retire (39:32), his hitting philosophy (41:03), and his top 5 right handed hitters of all-time.

Championship Recap and Super Bowl LII Preview

Ralph and Joseph Miranda discuss last week’s AFC (1:05) and NFC (15:20) Championship games, preview the Super Bowl LII matchup between the Patriots and Eagles (22:40), discuss the current state of the Pro Bowl (30:08), and give their opinions on the New York Giants hiring Pat Shurmur as their new head coach (38:55).

One Life to Live!

In the recently released movie “Jumanji” the Dr. Bravestone character utters a profound statement towards the end of the movie.  He says “It’s easy to be brave when you have more than one life, it’s a lot more difficult when you only have one life left”

Championship Sunday!

Ralph and Joseph Miranda discuss last week’s NFL Divisional games, including the Falcons vs. Eagles (1:41), Titans vs. Patriots (6:21), Jaguars vs. Steelers (13:18), and Saints vs. Vikings (17:33), as well as preview this Sunday’s NFC Championship between the Vikings and Eagles (22:27) and the AFC Championship between the Jaguars and Patriots (29:14).

NFL Final Four-Championship Sunday

Well the NFL season has reached its version of the Final Four! Championship Sunday.  The AFC Championship is set for 3:00PM Sunday between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots while the NFC Championship will follow at 6:30PM pitting the Minnesota Vikings against the Philadelphia Eagles!

Former Minnesota Twins 1B Steve Dunn joins the Press Box Podcast

Former Minnesota Twins first baseman and current Alcoa High School head baseball coach Steve Dunn joins Ralph and Joseph Miranda to discuss growing up playing baseball (4:40), when he realized he had professional-level talent (11:09), getting drafted and making the adjustment to pro baseball (17:24), his journey through the minors and his Major League debut (23:23), his decision to retire from playing (34:30), taking over the AHS program (36:20), and his top 5 left handed hitters of all-time (55:33).

NFL Divisional Round

The NFL Playoffs head to the divisional round today!  By tomorrow night we will have the Final Four.

Playoffs? Don’t talk about Playoffs

Ralph and Joseph Miranda breakdown the College Football Playoff weekend (1:12), preview the National Championship Game (12:01), discuss the upcoming NFL Playoffs (27:09), and finish with some NFL head coaching talk (43:38).

George Quarles joins the Press Box Podcast

Legendary Maryville High School head football coach and current Furman University offensive coordinator George Quarles joins Ralph and Joseph to discuss Paladin Football, his time with the Rebels, and much more. You can listen now on iTunes, Stitcher, and Libsyn.

Josh Caraway Interview

Coastal Carolina University football assistant coach Josh Caraway joins Ralph and Joseph Miranda to discuss the Chanticleers’ 2017 season as well as their move from FCS to FBS (1:35), recruiting (8:48), how he got into coaching (20:34), the college football coaching culture (47:12), and the top 5 college football stadiums he would like to coach in (1:00:13).

Georgia vs. Alabama-Early Thoughts

It’s set!  The SEC Championship, Round 2!  Well, not really although it feels that way.  Actually it’s the CFP National Championship game to be played Monday, January 8 in Atlanta at the Falcons new stadium.  This should be a real, physical battle.

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Nathan Miranda is an artist based out of Pasadena, CA who specializes in art utilizing primarily colored pencils on acid-free drawing paper.  His love for artwork started at a very young age as he began drawing his favorite athletes at his desk in his family’s bonus room.  Today, Nathan’s portfolio has expanded to include a variety of athletic and motion picture themed works inspired by his passion for sports and movies.  This is highlighted by Nathan’s original artwork of Yankees legend Derek Jeter entitled The Captain (2013) which was chosen for display at the 2014 Knoxville Arts and Culture Alliance Exhibition at the Knoxville Art Emporium in Tennessee.  In 2016, Nathan decided to make his art available to the public by creating Bonus Room Art, LLC, an art company that sells professional quality Giclée art prints as well as collections.  Now you have the opportunity to obtain your very own print by visiting the Bonus Room Art store.  Also, visit his contact page to inquire about artwork commissions.

NFL’s Greatest Hits, A Big Orange Blossom and a Tiger Roars

Following the Saints vs. Falcons Thursday night game, Ralph and Joseph Miranda discuss the NFC playoff picture (1:35), violent hits and the NFL’s image (9:14), the University of Tennessee’s hiring of Jeremy Pruitt as head football coach (20:44), and Tiger Woods’ comeback after the Hero World Challenge (28:37).

Winston Churchill Wisdom

Just finished watching “The Darkest Hour” movie about Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain and dealing with the Nazi takeover of Europe in early 1940 and impending danger to the English.  A great movie!  Whether you are a history buff or not, as the old saying goes..”Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. So true, especially here. . .

Jim Gaylor Interview

Longtime Maryville High School defensive coordinator and former University of Tennessee kicker Jim Gaylor joins Ralph and Joseph Miranda to discuss the UT football program and head coach search (1:08), growing up in Nashville, TN (8:53), soccer vs straight on kicking styles (28:45), how he got into coaching (38:17), his transition from the Clinton High School head coaching position to Maryville High School defensives coordinator (46:28), and his top 5 favorite restaurants in the Southeast (1:01:35).